Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Florida TimeBanks
Florida TimeBanks

Helping to Build Community,
One Hour at a Time!

Florida Timebanks is bringing a new way of building community and helping one another in neighborhoods and communities across the state of Florida.
It's old-fashioned values of helping one another using modern, high-tech tools.


The purpose of a Timebank is to build community and help create neighborhoods where neighbors know and trust each other. The more resilient our neighborhoods, the more quality we will have in our lives. And the more quality we have in our lives, the fewer problems we will have in our communities.
Through Timebanking, we help create great neighborhoods by providing infrastructure for people to genuinely care about each other. When we sense the worth of others, share what we love to do with them, give of our talents, and receive help when we need it, communities and neighborhoods thrive.
At present we have Timebanks in Tampa, St. Pete, Spring Hill, and Tallahassee.
All neighborhood or community Timebanks can give or exchange services within and among neighborhoods across Florida. Through networking, members can exchange services throughout America and in 34 countries around the world.
In Timebanking, everyone's time is equally valuable and is equally valued. We "earn" and "spend" hours with each other; no money changes hands. Members partner for an hour and earn an hour of credit. They can spend that credit on services offered by other participants. Exchanges are documented in an online database; all work is valued, and valued equally by time spent.

Timebanking can help to revitalize neighborhoods and communities by:

  • Mobilizing members in neighborhoods to meet community needs
  • Enabling all in the neighborhood to contribute as assets in community service
  • Improving the health and well-being of those with needs
  • Providing opportunities for those underemployed or unemployed to both contribute service and also receive from someone in the community.
  • Strengthening the bonds between neighbors and neighborhoods
Through Timebanking, we help create an economy of abundance by connecting untapped resources and unmet needs. Time credits have been ruled tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS views Timebanking as a charitable exchange, so presently there is no tax consequence for the exchanges that people do.